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5 Stages of A Book Hangover

Ever read a book so good you find yourself thinking about it days – no weeks – after? Same! It’s been 45 days since I finished Legendborn. That’s almost 64800 minutes, but who’s really counting? The only thing worse than finishing a good read is dealing with the devasting book hangover that follows its wake. How do we move on when we still have questions? If you’re anything like me, it’s time to buckle up for these 5 stages of a book hangover.

1. Denial

During grief, denial is traditionally described as a refusal to come to terms with the reality of the situation. I don’t know about you but this sounds like a pretty bang-on description of what I feel when I finish a good book. Having thoughts that range from “Is that it?” to “No, it can’t be over?” Refusing to accept your good read has come to an end is a clear sign of denial

2. Anger

Be honest, have you ever raged over a book? Inquiring minds want to know. Whether you’re hating characters for “leaving” you, the author for that cliffhanger or the person who gifted you the book in the first place, chances are you’ve experienced this stage of a book hangover.

3. Bargaining

This is the stage where you try to find a way to get more of what you’re craving. If there’s a petition to sign or an email to be written to get your beloved series fast-tracked, you’re going to do it.

4. Depression

Guess what? Chances are, that petition doesn’t exist. The realization that you have to wait a year or years for the next book (or in the case of stand-alones never having a sequel) makes you sad.

5. Acceptance

That’s right. You’ve fought a good fight but you can’t change the fact that the book has ended. You can’t change that you will have to wait to see what happens next. And in some cases, you can’t change that the fact you will never get another chapter. This is where you fully accept that the experience has ended and chances are you’ll move on to another captivating story and start this process all over again.

Are you having a book hangover?

Which stage are you at?

  • Avatar
    March 29, 2021

    Same here, a good book really leaves you craving more.

    • Lee
      May 12, 2021

      For sure! What’s the last book that gave you a hangover?

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